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Meet The Invertor
Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson is a fit and health-conscious man with colorful tattoos on his arms. He looks like he’d be more at home at a hot rod show or riding a Harley than in a board room. Most people would never guess that he is the inventor and entrepreneur behind ON, Natural Arousal Oil For Her.

Raised in Valencia, California, Ron learned early on about the importance of healthy living and a natural lifestyle as he roamed the open fields and hills behind his childhood home. These early lessons resulted in a deep and abiding interest in science and health. Following his own path, Ron eventually became the marketing consultant for LipInk Costmetics, where his interest in natural products intensified. The market was new and exciting and he immersed himself in it, studying just about anything he could get his hands on.He didn’t know it at the time, but this early research would become very important to his personal health. While still a young man in his late 30’s, Ron began noticing low energy, weight gain, and decreased sexual interest. Eventually Ron learned he suffered from an age-appropriate testosterone level. Wanting more from life, he began researching natural products that could help restore more youthful levels. The more he read and investigated, the more Ron became dismayed by the lack of quality products available and he was quickly turned off by the artificial and chemical ingredients used. Since he couldn’t find what he wanted, Ron decided to invent his own. The end result of his personal journey is VieNue, a product line offering high-quality, botanical blends designed to support hormonal health, physical energy and sexual satisfaction in both women and men.

Not long after starting VieNue, a woman approached Ron and asked if his company offered a product to enhance female sexual arousal. They did not, but he was intrigued and began to research the problem. Once again, he was disappointed to find that there were no all-natural solutions available to women. So he did what he does best: Ron set out to create his own solution.

Over the next few years, he dedicated himself to studying botanicals and holistic methodology both domestically and in the Far East. He let his passion and interest guide him, until he discovered the essential oils that would eventually become ON. He quickly discovered that he was on to something special. Ron spent time perfecting his formula, consulting with talented chemists and highly skilled apothecaries to develop and refine the formula. Once the blend was ready, he tested the product on friends and friends of friends. Their reactions encouraged him to take the product to market. The response on the open market was overwhelming.

Every entrepreneur hopes to have the next “big thing,” but the revolution that ON created was awe-inspiring. Testimonials from women started pouring in with words like “incredible,” “magic in a bottle,” and “changed my life.” Women approached Ron at trade shows to thank him for inventing ON. Magazines quickly picked up on the sensation and started writing about ON and other libido-enhancing products. Sensuva received multiple awards as “product of the year” and distribution went international within the first 18 months of ON’s release to the market. Nationally-renowned sexuality expert Dr. Jennifer Berman started testing ON with her patients and was experiencing tremendous success. The company began planning for clinical trials and an expanded marketplace.

While ON’s success has been overwhelming to say the least, Ron continues to seek out ways to improve the product and expand the product line while still staying true to his interest in authentic, all-natural products for women and men. He is still someone you are more likely to see walking his dog at the beach or working on an old car, but his interest in quality, all-natural products continues. He is always looking for his next inspiration.